Toxicantidote Powerdsine 6000 series SNMP OIDs

Powerdsine 6000 series SNMP OIDs

I purchased a Powerdsine 6024 midspan PoE injector second hand from eBay. This model is circa 2001, and is now obsolete. A web-based management interface is provided, however it seems to depend on a java library from an external website that is no longer available.

I wanted to access per-port power status information, and, as a stretch goal, control the on/off state of each of the ports. I was not able to achieve the latter, as it seems that the device does not support this. Since the java based web interface seems to just be a fancy SNMP client, I was able to query the device status via SNMP.

SNMP OIDs seem to be hard to find for this device, so here are a list of OIDs I have found so far and what I think they are. Most of these are pulled from the Nagios Powerdsine module and cross-referenced with the user manual. In the table, n represents the physical port number.

AC power status
1Operating normally
2Fault detected
3Input voltage outside supported range
Port power status
1Off (nothing connected)
2Overload. No power
3Device connected. Power supply active
4Overload. No power
5Overall power budget exceeded. No power
6Load detection in progress (802.3af). No power
Port fault status
1No fault
2Over voltage
3Under voltage
4Over temperature
5Not active
7Hardware error
8Unknown error
9Unknown error
10Unknown error
11Power planning (exceeded power budget?)
12Over/under load?
13Load too low
14Load too high
15Unknown error
16Hardware command error
17DC voltage is being fed back to injector from device?
18DC voltage is being fed back to injector from device (after diode)?
19Discharge load?
20Unknown error
21Not responsive (to 802.3af negotiation)?
22High load impedance (cabling issue)?
Port power draw (mW)?
VariableDevice power draw (mW)
Port power draw (mA)?
VariableDevice power draw at 48v DC (mA)