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Hi. Sometimes I make things and other times I break them. Check out the articles by clicking the links in the navigation bar or use the links below to access the most recently created or updated articles.

Latest articles

Baofeng BF-UV10R power test Calendar icon Created/updated 24 May 2023

Testing some of the claims from sellers of the Baofeng UV-10R

ESP32 Wi-Fi selector Calendar icon Created/updated 24 May 2023

Wi-Fi network discovery and connection for an ESP32 from the serial console

Fieldfox discovery tool Calendar icon Created/updated August 2021

Proof of concept Python code to locate Agilent Fieldfox instruments on a LAN.

D-link DIR-505 Shareport file download Calendar icon Created/updated September 2017

A quick proof of concept Python script for grabbing files from a D-Link DIR-505 Shareport file sharing service via HTTP. Probably works with similar models too, but not tested.

SD card message storage with Arduino Calendar icon Created/updated January 2021

Storing large text strings on an SD card with Arduino to save program space. They are also more easily reconfigured.

MR Triton replacement keyfob caps Calendar icon Created/updated 09 May 2023

Recreating worn out button caps on my car key to make the buttons readable again