Toxicantidote - Stedi LED headlight conversion installation

September 2018

I purchased the Stedi Copper Head H1 LED headlight conversion kit to install in my 2006 Subaru Forester. Unfortunately, this did present a few challenges:

To overcome this, we need to:

First up, remove the air intake and battery so that you can easily access both heatlights. Next, remove the headlight covers. Drill a hole (around 12mm, if I recall correctly) through the centre of the headlight cover:
Drilling the hole

With a hole drilled through the cover, I then coated the back inside of the cover with conductive copper tape:
Copper coating
You can get copper tape fairly easily from eBay. However, if you are unwilling or unable to get this tape, don't worry, I'll come back to that momentarily.

Feed the spade terminals from the back of the headlight cover through the drilled hole to the front of the cover. Feed the headlight 'bulb' connection from the front of the cover through to the back of the cover:
Cables fed

Connect the positive (red) spade terminal to the car's existing headlight bulb connection. Cover the connection with heatshrink or electrical tape to prevent shorting:

If using copper tape, tape the negative connection to the copper backing. Otherwise, find a method to securely connect the terminal to the braided heatsink of the bulb (e.g. soldering).

Fit the bulb in to the bulb holder, and tuck the heatsink braids down the sides of the bulb:
Bulb fitting

Re-fit the headlight back cover to the car. The bulb braid should press up firmly against the inside of the headlight cover, which makes acceptable contact with the copper tape (if used). Use strong double-sided tape to hold the driver module on to the back of the headlight cover:
Driver mounting

This isn't the cleanest install, but has lasted a year so far without issue across sealed and unsealed roads.